September 18, 2020


The educational program “Kindergarten Full of Fun” emphasizes the truly individual approach to each child and his family. We support children’s strengths and develop their talents. We focus on supporting their unique individuality. Our plan respects the educational areas of the Framework Educational Plan for Preschool and is richly inspired by the ideas of Montessori pedagogy. An important role in it is played by environmental education and learning leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Project “Between Generations”

During this project, two generations meet: the oldest and the youngest. Children and seniors can be wonderful partners, giving each other the joy of life, wisdom and energy. Children from our kindergarten visit seniors in the Alzheimer Home in Modřany. As part of the project, the so-called Reading Grandmother also attends kindergarten. She reads books to children once a week and participates in various educational activities with children.