December 11, 2018


deti na zemiThere is rapid development during the toddler stage. The child climbs, walks, talks, and discovers the world around him. During this period, the child’s own experiences and surroundings play a crucial role. They are the building blocks for further intellectual and emotional development. The child is interested in everything that is happening around him. They recognize new sounds, materials, and sights. They want to try everything out by themselves and with all their senses. We give children what they need – a safe and loving space, an opportunity to actively explore, and a stimulating and real world full of music, colors, shapes and movements.

  • We put an emphasis on the individual needs of the child and their fulfilment. Our focus is on the overall healthy development of the child in a safe and loving environment.
  • We strive for the children to try everything on their own, and let them explore the world around them in a safe and healthy way. We support natural curiosity and fantasy.
  • Our aim is to spend as much time as possible outdoors, and we encourage the creation of a positive emotional relationship with the others around them, as well as with nature.
  • We support the strengths of the child and develop their talents and chosen hobbies.
  • Additionally, our focus is to help children build proper hygienic habits, train self-service activities, and cultivate a sense of order.