September 18, 2020



The course is focused on positive perception of music, correct intonation, pronunciation and connection of movement, rhythm and music. Children will be accompanied by piano and other instruments, singing songs, playing simple musical instruments and, above all, experiencing music with all their senses. The main goal is to love and enjoy music.

HANDY HANDS (in English)

The course is focused on the development of creativity, fantasy and fine motor skills. Children will develop their artistic feelings and always take away an original handmade product made of various materials. They will try traditional and non-traditional art techniques. The emphasis is not on the result itself, but on the process and the joy of creation.


Do you need to relax, visit a theater or have a nice dinner out? Overnight babysitting with a rich program for your children is the right solution for you. One Friday a month, our school will let you enjoy a free evening. Your children will be well taken care of:-). The children’s siblings or their friends are also welcome.

Entertainment program 18:30 – 10:00
For children from 2 to 8 years
Food and drinks included
A different topic every night
Competitions, games, creation
Experienced instructors