December 11, 2018



  • Relationship with nature
  • The Child’s Personality
  • Parents are seen as partners
  • A Safe environment
  • Harmonious development

Without nature there would be no life. That is why it is very important for children to spend time learning about the basic laws of the Earth, respecting it, and using its resources with modesty. We want children to know how to grow flowers and how to plant vegetables. Numerous studies have shown that being in nature calms, stimulates, revitalizes and purifies the body. We can also see being in nature develops cognitive and emotional skills, promotes creativity and releases endorphins. Although we are located in the centre of Prague, we try to get the most out of nature. We go out into the woods, grow plants, keep pets, and spend time in parks.


Every child has a unique personality and comes from a family that has its specific rules and habits. We listen to these rules and follow them to make the child feel as natural as possible, while at the same time help them become a part of our preschool community. We cultivate their unique development and try to uncover strengths and talents that we may help blossom. Every child is eager for information and wants to learn and we offer them new and dynamic stimuli from the real world. We look forward to every little progress. We monitor and assess each child closely and reflect on every step of and reflect thoughtfully on their progress and  development. The progress is then consulted to the most important partners – the parents.


Parents are our most important partners. Only with their help can we succeed in bringing up the child harmoniously and taking care of them with the most positive feelings and best result. We fully respect the cultural context of the family, look at it, and look for the best way to educate and care for a particular child. The relationship with parents is built on trust and honesty from the beginning. We provide individual consultations regarding children and families. We organize seminars for parents, workshops, and events for families. Our doors are always open for the parents.


The entire preschool grounds were designed with respect to the creativity and harmonious development of the child. It is about making the children and adults feel “at home”, and the environment is as natural as possible. The space is subtly divided and offers an interactive, leisure, movement, dining and relaxation zones.


During the toddler period, the children are undergoing rapid development. They observe everything around them, learn from imitating others, manifest their feelings, want to try it everything, and have fun. Every child is naturally curious and wants to learn. We are the primary observers and consequently offer the child the most varied range of activities that resonates with their individuality. What’s above all that? Our aim to care for the child naturally and harmoniously so the child does everything with true enthusiasm and joy.