December 11, 2018


Our premises are located in a newly renovated building in Vinohrady, Prague. The reconstruction took place in December 2018 and January 2019. We have consistently thought about the organisation of the space so that it is sophisticated, functional, practical and flexible. The environment of the preschool is rich in stimuli, but not overloaded. We started from the idea that the ‘wealth’ of space is not related to quantity, but to quality. We have taken into account the safety and comfort of children. The space is subtly divided and offers interactive, leisure, movement, dining and relaxation zones. We did our absolute best to bring a piece of nature into the kindergarten by using plenty of flowers and natural materials.

Toys and didactical aids are safe and meet all standards. In particular, we choose such tools that develop the intellectual, musical, creative and motion development skills of the child.

Toys and tools are from wood and certified plastics. We use also Montessori tools that inspire children’s curiosity and have educational characteristics.