September 18, 2020


Our premises are located in a quiet part of Prague 4 – Libuš in a residential area in a family house with a garden. The kindergarten environment is rich in stimuli, but not overwhelmed by them. We start from the idea that the “wealth” of space is not related to quantity, but to quality. We take into account the safety and comfort of children. The space is subtly divided and offers an interactive, leisure – activity, exercise, dining and relaxation zone. We did our best to bring a piece of nature to the kindergarten – lots of flowers and natural materials.

Game elements meet all standards and are harmless. We especially choose such aids that develop children’s mental and both gross and fine motor skills. We choose toys made of wood and certified plastics and use Montessori aids, which arouse children’s curiosity and have an educational character.

The spacious garden is equipped with certified game elements, a sandpit and offers plenty of space for outdoor activities in the pleasant shade of mature trees.