Prague 9, here we come!

We are pleased to announce that we are opening a new branch of the EduArt kindergartens in Prague-Hloubětín in September 2022.

About our new branch

The EduArt kindergarten in Hloubětín is located in a beautiful and modern building constructed in 2021. It features large, airy classrooms, cleverly designed space, and superior equipment. The combination of function and playful decoration makes the school a great place for your children.

The kindergarten’s environment is rich in stimuli, but not overloaded. Our aim is to show that richness of a place comes from quality and not quantity. Safety and comfort of your children is crucial to us, so the space is cleverly structured and offers interactive, leisure, activity, eating, and relax zones. 

Game elements meet all standards and are safe. We select tools that help develop children’s intellectual and motor skills, both and fine and gross. In addition, we use Montessori equipment that stimulates children’s curiosity and is educational in nature.

General information

  • Kindergarten for children from 2 to 7 years
  • Unique facilities with highest-quality equipment
  • Open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Qualified team of teachers
  • Our own “Colourful World” educational programme that supports and develops children’s strengths and encourages enthusiasm, curiosity, and the joy of discovery
  • English is a normal part of daily activities
  • An extended range of music, art, and physical activities

Our programme

The Colourful World educational programme emphasises a truly individual approach to each child and their family. We encourage and support each child’s strengths and develop their skills and talents.

The programme actively works with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, respects the educational areas of the Preschool Curriculum Framework, and is richly inspired by the ideas of Montessori education.

Environmental education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles also play an important role.

Main activities

  • Development of mathematical ideas
  • Development of literacy skills
  • Environmental education
  • Music, art, and movement activities
  • Drama education 
  • Teaching through real experience
  • English

Supporting activities

  • Speech therapy
  • Yoga for children
  • Dog-assisted therapy
  • Horse riding
  • “Fairy Nights” sleepovers at school
  • Joint events for children and parents (workshops, fairs, festivals)
  • Theatre performances

Tuition fees

 Complete (7:30-17:30)Standard (7:30-15:30)Half-day (7:30-12:30)
5 days a weekCZK 14 500CZK 13 500CZK 11 500
4 days a weekCZK 13 500CZK 12 500CZK 10 500
3 days a weekCZK 12 500CZK 11 500CZK 9 500

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