December 11, 2018


deti na zemiDuring their preschool years, the children go through fundamental, physical, and mental changes.

During the gradual transition of this period, the content of education gets more intense, children are encouraged in their natural curiosity and desire to learn. Throughout this period, children are confident and able to strengthen their critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Children experience the world on the basis of activities that are meaningful to them. They are constantly on the move, have many questions, want to create, and want to explore the world as it really is.

We offer children plenty of opportunities to explore the world. We approach them with respect and help them to broaden their horizons, beyond their familiar environment

  • Children learn the most effectively through direct experience.
  • We lead children so they may gain independent attitudes towards values ​​and critical thinking.
  • We offer children the most possible time spent outdoors and we encourage the creation of a positive emotional relationship with all elements of nature.
  • The strengths of the child are supported as well as the development of their abilities.